Beginning Thoughts on Individual Change

I have always felt obligated to change the world around me in a way that will cause less pain. As a child, I was plagued with what some might consider being “overly sensitive”, but I always was hyperaware of my “sensitivities”, and once I understood the term, refered to them as “empathies” instead.

Again and again, I look toward all the ways in which I can support my community, both local and afar. I am currently working toward starting a nonprofit to assist children within critical populations of developing nations, providing them sustainable access to education, and helping to empower their live. I currently am attending grad school for nonprofit management and leadership, while working at Habitat for Humanity performing community outreach and volunteer coordination. I am still left with wanting to do more though, so I continue to research ways of inciting change, or “making a difference”.

About a week ago, I watched “vegucated”, a wonderful documentary on challenging three individuals to undergo a social experiment and attempt to go vegan for 6 weeks, leaving behind their culture of animal consumption, and fully emerse themselves in a counter life style. The results of this experiment impacted more than the participants. I consider myself to be fairly well versed on animal cruelty and environmental issues. I have seen “Forks Over Knives”, “King Corn”, “Super Size Me” and countless other documentaries that affirm and reaffirm my knowledge and beliefs that the modern production of animal goods for widespread consumption is not ethical, not sustainable, and is not something I wish to support….Β  YET I CONTINUE TO CONSUME!

My decision to begin a path to vegetarianism, with the hope of eventual veganism, was further strengthened by recent health concerns. All of my research shows that by no longer consuming animal products and biproducts, I can solve numerous issues, such as chronic headaches/migraines, high blood pressure, weight gain, hormone disruption, skin health, mental health, energy levels, and much much more. These issues are all issues that I am currently facing, and rather than opting for a life of medications, I am choosing to utilize the natural medicines of the earth.

I am going to begin this journey by committing to 30 days of vegetarianism (still consuming dairy), documenting my results daily, including measurments of my body, weight, and overall feeling changing.

I already began this journey as of last week (12/13/12 – 5 days to date). At this time, my stats are:

Height: 5’5″
Weight: 172
BMI: 28 (Overweight)
Measurements: (to be added later)
Headaches? So far not today!
Energy Level: High
Anxiety Level: Low
Overall Feeling: Highly Optimistic!
Digestion: Normal

Daily Meal Plan:

Breakfast: 2 Black Coffees, Two Slices Oatmeal Toast with 1.5 TBSP Peanut Butter
Snack: 8oz Green Smoothie
Lunch: Medly of Sproated Quinoa, lentils, peas, pinenuts, dried cranberries, sprices, vegetable stock, diced tomato, spinach, and a Tofurkey Burger
Snack: 8oz Green Smoothie
Dinner: Rice, stirfried veggies, black beans, salsa, sourcream and cheese, side salad of mixed spring greens

Total Calories: 1441 (total fat: 29g of 40g)

Wish me luck! πŸ™‚


6 responses to “Beginning Thoughts on Individual Change

  1. I wish you luck on your journey! I myself have been a vegetarian for about 4 years & I love it. (minus a few instances of meat consumption while abroad & working with immigrants… gotta be culturally sensitive sometimes)

    • Thank you so much for your encouragement! I have been off and on vegetarian for most of my adult life, and even when I am consuming meat on a regular basis, it is not with every meal. Nevertheless… I feel a tremendous amount of guilt when I consume animal products/byproducts. I feel selfish. To live a full life, I know I need to act with my conscious and not by the rules of the majority, that meat is king and animals were put on earth to consume. I call BS on that! πŸ™‚

      What is your work abroad?

      • That is so wonderful! I almost went to Educador a couple of years ago to do ecology research on native bird populations! I was very sad when I couldn’t afford to go on the expedition. I was really looking forward to seeing the country. From what I understand, South American Countries are populations of heavy animal product consumers (based on research and documentaries). Is this correct?

  2. Good for you! I’m in the same place πŸ™‚ I was raised vegetarian, then ate meat for 8 years and then went back to vegetarianism again about 2-3 years ago and never looked back! I’d also like to eventually eat “mostly” vegan (90-95%), but I’m just not there yet… (it could just be ice-cream and cheese pizza holding me back I’m not sure… ha)!

    You’ll do great; just like anything else, planning ahead is what always helps!! Best of luck!! ~ Casey

    • Thank you so much Casey! At the moment the hardest thing is that my boyfriend is a major carnivore. We haven’t had a formal discussion about my decision, but he knows I have been staying away from meat products. It is good/bad cooking two meals. He gets what he wants and I get what I want, and we cook side by side, but at the moment our costs are heavily restricted, making me feel guilty for not opting for his meat and potato cheap alternatives. However, I do feel that I am consuming less with eating more raw fruits and veggies, as I am more satisfied faster, so I guess that saves money… πŸ˜‰

      This is going to be an interesting experience. πŸ˜€

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