miso sweet potato tacos with coconut-cilantro salsa



hey! so, it’s the middle of winter. perfect time for a zesty vegan taco, i say! i feel like doing a little salsa jig around my tiny ikea island.

isn’t she so pretty? she’s spicy but avocado-creamy and sweet like a pork bun. you know, those tj’s pork buns. i should also mention that the leftovers are pretty great themselves, and last a good amount of time. after we ate our dinner, i poured all the leftovers and fixings into tupperware and ate it the next day (cold).

miso sweet potato taco

peel and chop that sweet potato! may be my last excursion with the orange wonders for the year. i’ve done a lot with them and if i retire with this recipe then i make like michael jordan and retire on top.

miso sweet potato tacos

red onions being chopped. thank you for all the GREAT ideas to prevent onion-tears. this was the first time i refrigerated them before chopping…

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