Grocery store lessons: Special K

Know what you are putting in your body!

Kellogg’s recently introduced two new products to their breakfast line. One is a Morning Shake, the other is a Flatbread Morning Sandwich. Neither of which I’m particularly enthusiastic about, as both a dietitian and as a person who eats breakfast on a daily basis.

The shake lists sugar as its second ingredient (water is the first). Apparently the large amount of sugar doesn’t make the shake sweet enough though as there are also three non-nutritive sweeteners added as well. The only other ingredients appear to be proteins, oils, and stabilizers. Mmm… Sugar water with protein… Not exactly what I would recommend for a balanced breakfast.

The flatbreads brag that they have less than 250 calories each. They’re basically a frozen, low-fat, egg muffin-type thing. I know many of us are hard pressed for time in the morning but really, a precooked frozen breakfast sandwich? Yuck. Also, I don’t think that…

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