My 9 Quick & Dirty Tips To Beating Holiday Weight Gain

Some excellent ideas and information on maintaining your health during the holidays!

Jacquie Robertson


The holiday season can stir up all kinds of crazy when i t comes to keeping on track with healthy eating habits.  Yo-yo dieting, weight gain and binging are the first few concerns and thoughts that come to mind when I talk to my clients in preparation for the fast approaching holidays.

The worst thing you can do is to diet or starve yourself leading up to the big day.  Yet this is exactly what I see so many people doing to “save” the extra calories for turkey, pie and a few extra holiday cocktails.

But here’s the thing when we diet- we actually end up re-gaining the original weight we lost and then some in the long run.  Your body is super smart and when you start following a low-calorie diet, it becomes paranoid that you might be going into famine (much like what  our ancestors might have experienced…

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